A Celebrity Said That

(Some of these are unintentionally priceless.)

“I can do anything you want me to do as long as I don’t have to speak.”
(Well, at least she knows her limitations.)

SAM GOLDWYN  (Media Mogul)
Sam Goldwyn, to a newly signed actor:  “Where do you hail from?”
Newly signed actor:  “Idaho.”
Sam Goldwyn:  “Out here, young man, we pronounce it Ohio.”
(Okay.  The man knows how to make movies, but he sucks at Geography.  It could be worse.  Oh wait.  Now the entire world knows he doesn’t know the difference between Ohio and Idaho.  Maybe not.)

But wait!  There’s more from our pal, Sam:

“I don’t think anybody should write his autobiography until after he’s dead.”

SIMON LEBON  (Lead singer of Duran Duran)
“I’m not a snob.  Ask anybody.  Well, anybody who matters.”
(I find it ironic that this man has attitude about people who matter – has he had a hit in the last 10 years?  Anybody?)

AXL ROSE  (Lead singer of Guns ‘n’ Roses)
“It’s really hard to maintain a one-on-one relationship if the other person is not going to allow me to be with other people.”
(Mmmmmm…yeah.  Riiiight.)

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