About Melissa

Melissa Bianco was born and raised in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. She graduated from Argyle Secondary School in 1987 and received her Arts and Sciences Diploma in Media Resources from Capilano University in 1991. She has also attended Ohlone College (American Sign Language) and Liberty University (Religious Studies).

She has worked in the Canadian film and television industry as an extras casting director, a talent agent, and a production assistant.

Melissa is best known for her work as a game developer on the Massive Multiplayer online roleplaying games called City of Heroes and City of Villains, by Paragon Studios where she worked as Lead Development Producer on CoH until its sunset in November 2012.  She was known on the CoH boards as War Witch.  She currently works at Crystal Dynamics as a Producer on Marvel Avengers.

She lives in San Jose, California with her husband.

She loves reading, writing, video games, being creative, making people laugh, and reading about cooking (apparently she doesn’t like the actual cooking part).  She’s also a fan of ice cream and chocolate, but only the good stuff.  Not that grocery store junk.

Melissa is the author of the chick-lit novels Everyday Heroes and Real Life.