My Favorites

This is a list of things that I would say, “Hey, have you tried this? It really works,” and mean it. Not in a social influencer kind of way because, frankly, I don’t know how to do referrals on Amazon and make money. Plus, something about recommending something and get nothing for it makes it feel more legit to me.

Trust me. More is coming.


Calia Shampoo and Conditioner

I learned about this shampoo by a YouTuber. It’s made in Canada, has no artificial ingredients (bad things like sulfates, etc.) and it smells nice. It doesn’t lather like some store-bought shampoos with tons of ingredients I can’t pronounce, but it does the job nicely. If you’re looking to be a little more natural, this stuff is good. Comes in big bottles, too!

Blue Beautifly Organic Amalaki Scalp Oil Serum

Trying saying “Blue Beautifly” three times fast. I bet you can’t! (Ok fine, maybe I can’t.)

I could recommend this on smell alone, frankly. I’m pretty sensitive to “whoa…that smells like feet” or “wayyyy too much fragrance”, but this serum smells divine. Ingredients are all natural and it’s great for hydrating your hair and helping it along to grow.

Hairfluence by Zhou

There was a time where I felt certain that I was losing my hair. As you age, I’m told it gets thinner, but it definitely felt “less” than it did 10 years ago, so I have been taking these. Biotin, Collagen, vitamins, etc. all working together. Have I done a measure and test, no. But it does feel like progress and if you’re unsure, check out the reviews.

Pump Hair Care

Pretty much anything by these guys. It’s pricier than your average product, but everything I’ve tried smells wonderful and feels great.

In particular, Liquid Gold Growth Oil Treatment, which even my husband has stopped while I was chilling on the couch “letting it do it’s thing” and said, “Wow. That smells good. What is that?”