Music Videos – “Angie” vs. “Melissa”

My sister and I both have videos by famous musicians.  Hers is by The Rolling Stones and mine is by The Allman Brothers.  Whose is better?

Well, I’m partial to hers, but I’m also a big Stones fan, so…  But hey…The Allman Brothers are pretty good, too.

So, what’s your take?

Angie by the Rolling Stones

Sweet Melissa by the Allman Brothers

Mi Familia

I’ve been playing with PhotoShop Elements (until I can afford a copy of CS3 for home) a little and created this fun nostalgic pic of my family:

Mi Familia

Mi Familia


Don’t we all look adorable?  I love black and white images.  They always looks so much…better than colour.  I’m in the middle of updating my website (for the zillionth time) and this image is part of the header.  It’s Flash and all very complicated. 

I bet if I actually knew Flash it would be much easier.