Facebook Makes Me Sad (Lately)

It was bound to happen, of course.  You can’t absolutely adore a program and not have it start to disappoint eventually.

I was a recent victim of the whole “Flash Update” Facebook malicious virus.  I had a friend (whom I trusted on Facebook) send me a link that I thought was to YouTube and got the “You need to update your Flash player” message.  Unthinking, I clicked.

And then my world at work fell apart.

Suddenly, this nasty little virus took hold of my machine and immediately sent the same email I received to 20 of my Facebook friends, thus making THEM susceptible to the same virus.  As soon as I managed to get control of my computer again (trying to CLOSE Facebook simply prompted it to open more copies and then more copies…it was CRAZY!) I sent out a Facebook mail saying:

“Learn from my idiocy.  Don’t open that message from me.”

Luckily, a Facebook friend recognized the issue for what it was and sent out a message via reply-all to everyone sent that message and said it was malicious. 

I ended up having to restore back to the previous week and now I have to get a replacement computer, which means a whole lot of re-installing programs and headaches.  So, lesson learned.  I guess social programs like Facebook and MySpace are the perfect breeding ground for nasty malicious programs perpetrated by people who…I don’t know why they do these things.  I can’t fathom why – quite honestly.  Bragging rights, to me, isn’t enough of a reason — but since I’m not walking a mile in the shoes of a miscreant, I guess I don’t know.

Anyway, so that was ONE reason Facebook has made me sad lately.

The other two reasons are far more minor (though no less irritating!):

  • It takes forever to load!
  • I am not super wow’d by the new layout

Okay, I’m done nit-picking.

Oh, and the yuotube instead of youtube  — really should have been a give-away for me.  I saw that AFTER I clicked that dang video link.

Live and learn.


Back Home Again

I’m heading back to Vancouver next month and I have to say I’m pretty excited about it.  Even though this gas price “issue” has strangled my ability to travel somewhat, I’ve managed to accumulate enough Alaska Airlines Air Miles to fly back for free (mostly).

I had my 20-year high school reunion last September so going back again this September is kind of nice.  I’ve come back a few times and it’s good to see my family again.  I’m hoping for rain.  While I love the sunny California weather, even in February, it’s nice to have some honest to goodness RAIN for a while.  Just enough to annoy the heck out of me and make me appreciate the sun and ‘golden hills’ of San Jose.

They’re not really golden, you know that right?  Those babies are brown.  But no one here admits it.  Know why they’re golden?  Because the grass is dead, people!  Dried up deadness!  But I guess golden sounds nicer.  It’s all about the media spin, I guess.

I don’t care.  I love the weather, I just miss the old weather, too.  But trust me, I’ll be back in Vancouver for a day, it’ll rain, and I’ll be whining about that, too.

Anyway, so I’m excited.  I’ve missed my friends.  They’re the ones who really know me, the ones who remember what I was like when I was a teenager.  Not some grouchy militant step-monster or a professional part-time student or a game designer or fledging novelist.

Nah, these girls remember me with pimples and tragic crushes on guys I’d never get.  They knew me when I was “spinny” and silly and, well, thinner.  You can’t buy that.  Not once you hit your 30s.  It’s harder to find deep and meaningful friends, ones who’ve known you for years.  So it’s made me appreciate the girls who still yap with me when I visit and get excited and plan get-togethers so they won’t miss out on seeing me.

I mean, how cool is that? 

So to the following ladies (I don’t know who else’ll be there so…):

  • Tanya
  • Moira
  • Leslie
  • Melanie (hopefully!)
  • Mom
  • Angie

See you soon!