Waiting is Hard…

So I’m waiting for my book to appear on Amazon.com.   They said one to two weeks, but it feels like forever.  I should be patient, but it’s not one of my strong suits. 

You’d think after 5 years of letting the manuscript sit in my closet that I wouldn’t care.  Well, now that it’s print-ready,  I CARE!

It’s available on PrintSurge.com but Amazon.com is a much more recognized website so I don’t want to do anything until it’s on there.  I should be updating my website (I have the new layout for it and everything), but I ended up making post after post on my blog until after midnight last night.

Not my fault.  It was FUN.

I’ve done two searches three times today:  “melissa bianco” (a wine book keeps coming up) and “real life” (the movie Dan in Real Life keeps popping up, along with some music CDs).  So nothing yet, but I’ll let you know.

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