Jen’s Life Under a Microscope


I’ve been reading a lot of magazine covers lately and, okay I admit it, I’m intrigued.  I enjoy seeing how the famous half lives.  Jennifer Aniston has been in the press a lot lately with her (alleged – it’s always ALWAYS alleged unless you’re in the room) break-up with John Mayer.

Everyone falls back on the relationship that she had with Brad Pitt and, invariably, the comparisons with him and his hockey-sized family with Angelina Jolie.  First off, I’m a big fan of the underdog so I’m going to naturally side with Jen, even though I don’t know her, don’t know anything about her, and truly have no idea what her life is really like.

I’m sure she’s sick and tired of the comparisons, the speculation, the “poor Jen”, and all the other feelings that outsiders have with respect to the one-sided view we voyeurs have of her life.  From what I’ve seen in interviews, she seems to have a great head on her shoulders so I hope that things smooth out and we, the adoring public, “drive on, citizen.”

I don’t want to see her crash and burn.  I don’t want Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie to crash and burn.  I just want them all to be happy and find peace and contentment, wherever it may be.

Then again, I’ve always hoped that she’d get back together with Brad Pitt.  (What do I know?)

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