Board Game Search Part II

Well, good news!  I have found a few games for my search.

Thanks, all, for the suggestions about Talisman, it just so happens that my husband has been a long-time fan of it and has it as well as a few expansions tucked away somewhere.  Actually, they’re all in our closet in the front room which is now pretty much stocked floor to ceiling with board games.

And since I like to add to the craziness, I just picked up a few more:

  • Pirate’s Cove (great fun, tried this at work)
  • Carcasonne (thought I had it, apparently I didn’t)
  • Monty Python’s Fluxx (no idea what this is but it looked cute)
  • …something about Trains and Stations Oh!  Ticket to Ride

Anyway, that should keep me busy for a while.

Settlers of Catan was a huge hit with my kids, by the way.  I was looking for games like that.  I think they’ll really enjoy Pirate’s Cove, too.  We played Pirateology, but – uh – apparently we played it wrong.  No one ever actually battled.  Whoops!

I’m usually good for about 45 minutes to an hour.  After that, I get ants in my pants and, well, stick a fork in me, I’m done

So thanks to Kalkin and RoseVortex for the suggestions!


Oh, and I picked up some new dice and the 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Player’s Handbook, too.  We’re playing at work and since I’m new at all of this, I figured it would be a good idea if I knew a little bit about what I’m doing.  Can’t look like a dork all the time.

I definitely walked out with a lighter wallet, that’s for sure.  Sheez.


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