I’ve Joined the Bird Ranks (not really)

Actually, I just joined Twitter.com.   Get the bird reference?  (No, not  that bird reference, honestly!)

I’m currently unable to search on Twitter so all I have to go on are the “suggested” users, which smells a bit like “featured advertisements” with a few randoms thrown in for good measure, but that’s okay.  It’s a good place to start.

If you want to find me, I’m here:  http://twitter.com/melissabianco

Hopefully I’ll remember to update on a regular basis!  I think I should stop with Twitter and Facebook. 

I tried MySpace, but the ads and the flashing blinkies and the loud music and the black text on black backgrounds and stuff really gave my eyes a headache.  I’m huge fan of clean easy-to-read apps and unless they make me uber sad, I’m pretty loyal.  I’m sure there are other social networking sites, but I haven’t found any I can really sink my teeth into.

If anyone has a suggestion, I’m always up for hearing it!


One thought on “I’ve Joined the Bird Ranks (not really)

  1. Hello dahling, this is Sass.

    Yes, the social sites are overwhelming and burdensome …. to say nothing of their capacity for malicious viruses etc.

    I have Facebook and am consistently alarmed at how much of my information it makes available to everyone else.


    That, and it’s damned distracting if, like me currently, I am working on dry writing content that would make a techno-geek weep.

    The contact with others is fun, but the maintenance, like long hair, gets onerous at times.

    Oh and … FOUND YA!

    Nice site btw. Be Blessed.

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