My Un-Resolutions for 2013

As the end of 2012 comes to a close (hence the sunset picture), I was thinking about what we all think about when we encounter a new year.  It’s the dreaded Resolution list.  The list of things we are hoping to do for the new year, big goals, life changes, and so forth.  This year, I’m not making any Resolutions, I’m making Un-Resolutions.

Now is about the time I’d say “I will” (and then when I don’t, I feel guilty, so I’m not doing that).  I’ll say, “I will try” (shut up, Yoda!).  So with that in mind, this is what I would like to try and do a little less of next year:

I will try not to:

  1. Criticize myself when I mess up.  Failure is part of learning.  No one gets check-mate at their first game of chess (maybe Bobby Fischer did).
  2. Focus so much on being a specific size and think more about feeling healthy.
  3. Take things personally when I get in an argument and focus on the disagreement, not the person.
  4. Spend so much time on the internet, even though it’s really fun.
  5. Eat certain foods because they are low-calorie, but because they are good for me and my body.
  6. Speak without thinking.  Even though I am quite good at it.
  7. Compare myself with others and just focus on working towards being a better person.
  8. Shy away from discussing my faith, but also realize that not everyone is interested (nor may they ever be).
  9. Flagellate myself over mistakes I have made in the past.  I can’t change them now, I can just learn from the experience and accept the wisdom that comes from them.
  10. Expect unconditional love and not give it in return.
  11. Sweat the small stuff.
  12. Obsess over the green grass on the other side, but appreciate the grass (and occasional weeds) in my own yard.
  13. Become disillusioned when people don’t live up to my expectations.
  14. Put off tomorrow something I know is important to me today.
  15. Live in the world of “What If”.
  16. Chew my fingernails, but if I do not fret over it.
  17. Get so amped over politics or issues and convincing everyone to come to my side.  (That doesn’t mean I don’t talk about politics or issues, but I shouldn’t fight to the death about them.)
  18. Hurry so fast into the future, it’s coming fast enough as it is.
  19. Overestimate the smallest gestures, especially if they were done for me.
  20. Worry about what people think of me as much as I should care what God thinks of me.

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