10 Things You Don’t Say To Your Mate When Arguing

I’ve had plenty of arguments over the years.  Some of these I’ve used.  Some I haven’t.  Usually, however, if I did, the fight got worse.  Sure, I may have felt temporary pleasure over that “zinger”, but did it really serve me over the long run of the argument?  Not really.  Amazing, isn’t it?  The people […]

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Grammar Police

I grew up reading and writing along with all my elementary school friends and, though I make mistakes, for the most part, I can string along a pretty good sentence.  I know roughly what the rules are and what looks good in a sentence.  What surprises me, though, is when I see really basic grammatical […]

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Tongue Twisters

Where I get these ideas, I don’t know, but I was on the search for some really good tongue-twisters and I think I’ve found some good ones: unique New York knapsack straps cheap ship trip lovely lemon liniment Greek grapes Peggy Babcock flash message truly rural Pacific Lithograph pre-shrunk silk shirts please pay promptly shredded […]

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