Tongue Twisters

Where I get these ideas, I don’t know, but I was on the search for some really good tongue-twisters and I think I’ve found some good ones:

  • unique New York
  • knapsack straps
  • cheap ship trip
  • lovely lemon liniment
  • Greek grapes
  • Peggy Babcock
  • flash message
  • truly rural
  • Pacific Lithograph
  • pre-shrunk silk shirts
  • please pay promptly
  • shredded Swiss cheese
  • tragedy strategy
  • selfish shellfish
  • black bug’s blood
  • girl gargoyle, guy gargoyle
  • good blood bad blood
  • inchworms itching
  • mixed biscuits
  • Sixish.  Sixish.  Sixish.
  • thieves seize skis
  • Tim, the thin twin tinsmith
  • two toads, totally tired

Try those a few times fast!

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