It’s a New Year: Suck It Up!!

February 12, 2012

I had a very lovely winter.  Primarily, the fun part was deciding that I was going to enjoy myself and then diet come the new year.  I was tired of stressing about every bite, every crumb, every culinary opportunity passed by because I felt guilty enjoying it.  So, since October is practically winter, I said, 

“You know what?  I’m tired of stressing about this.  I’ll just enjoy myself now and go hard-core come January like the rest of the world who make resolutions.”

Once I’d removed the restriction from myself, oh, I went cuh-razy!!  Lunch out.  Dinner out.  Order in.  Dessert?  Yes, please.  Oh wait, here comes Thanksgiving!  Potluck?  I’m in!  What?  Christmas is around the corner?  Yikes!  That means parties!  And now we are on the speed train to New Years!  BRING.  IT.  ON.

Weighing myself each week?  Thing of the past.  Jeans a bit tight?  Uh…yeah.  (And, like, it happened over night.  That was weird.)  So come January I was seeing it in my face and the usually places:  belly, thighs, bottom.  Ugh.  There really is a price to pay for lack of common sense and overindulgence.  Sad, but true.  I reaped what I sowed.  Big time.

I’d been slacking on my Weight Watchers, so I decided to force myself to reset.  This is what it takes sometimes for me to break a bad pattern (like eating chocolate I don’t even like to munching on snacks when I’m not hungry just because they’re, well, sitting there.).  

— Oh my gosh, my cat is snoring.  I totally had to interrupt this to mention that. —

So I decided to try the HCG Diet and go VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet).  I’m not going to go into crazy specifics on the diet, but I’m sure what with these Internets you can find out about it somewhere.  Anyway, it’s been a good month and I’ve shaved off the extra weight (I still want to take off more), but this has exceeded my expectations for a month worth of work.

The criminal thing about being 5’2″ is that 5 pounds on anyone 5’5″ or higher looks like 20 pounds on us and it suck rocks!  It really is quite unfair.  And it just so happens that my sister and mother are both tall and slender.  I’m built for manual labour.  Again.  Unfair.  My husband says I have Popeye arms because my forearms are so big.  I keep trying to tell him that that’s not the kind of compliment a lady appreciates hearing.

Anyway, so I thought I’d update with that random bit of news.  Gluttony = bad.  It makes your jeans not fit and your face look puffy!  And then you have to go on a ridiculous diet that doesn’t let you have any fun!  Maybe I’ll learn my lesson this time.  

Or…when I am 50 years old I simply say, “Life is too short.  Pass the brownies.”

2 thoughts on “It’s a New Year: Suck It Up!!

  1. Wow, Kevin! (Sorry, it took me so long to reply. I didn’t see this message in my Comments section!) You’re awesome! I’ll have to check out!

  2. Hey Melissa I saw the link to your blog from your Amazon page.

    I’m one of those people who will gain 5 lbs per week unless I put effort in. I once weighed 310 lbs, but lost it many years ago and now hover on the line between normal and overweight on the BMI chart. Like you I forget about dieting for periods of time but then have to pay for it.

    What works for me is:
    1.) Militant Atkins/Lo Carb
    2.) – amazing boost to your willpower if it costs you $50 to eat that cupcake
    3.) Going to the Y over lunch every day and read Kindle or listen to Audible while on the treadmill or elliptical. When reading or listening to fiction, I actually look forward to the break from work. I’m going to be reading a book called ‘Real Life’ today. 🙂

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