Return to Writing

Yep, I started again.

I had a great opportunity to be mentored by a fantastic author and I took her up on it.   So I started a new novel, completely unlike what I thought I would write next.

I figured I had the Chick Lit thing down, but this is definitely a bit darker.  It poured out of me pretty quickly.  About just over a month for a full 80,000 word manuscript.  Sleep?  What’s that?  Anyway, I’m excited about it and quite nervous.

I’ve done my first pass of editing, but now I have it out to a few people for Beta Readers.  That’s when the real critique comes in.

We’ll see where we go from there.

I already have four fun ideas for my next book.  I will go lighter this time.  I enjoy popcorn and bubblegum writing.  Now I just have to pick one!


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