Strange Advance – Triple Threat

One of the best new wave bands to come out of Canada in the 1980s.  These videos (one is simply a slideshow) definitely bring me back and those boys sure knew how to do an instrumental opening.  Enjoy the great music that has held up over the years and cringe equally at the videos that did not.

Worlds Away

We Run

Love Becomes Electric

(Poor quality, unfortunately.)

Music Videos – “Angie” vs. “Melissa”

My sister and I both have videos by famous musicians.  Hers is by The Rolling Stones and mine is by The Allman Brothers.  Whose is better?

Well, I’m partial to hers, but I’m also a big Stones fan, so…  But hey…The Allman Brothers are pretty good, too.

So, what’s your take?

Angie by the Rolling Stones

Sweet Melissa by the Allman Brothers